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There are several shipping companies that provide various car carrier facilities and services. Among them all the cheapest and the most economically viable way of shipping a car is by tying up with an open multi car carrier. What are multi car carriers? These carriers are huge sized trucks that can carry up to 10 cars at one time. While driving on the highways you may have come across these huge trucks carrying cars. Some trucks have two or sometimes even three levels on the trucks for carrying cars. These trucks are very huge, long and heavy vehicles and that is why they are allowed to travel only on the national highways. They are not typically allowed on the residential roads where the wiring can be low and trees are found in plenty. They also have restrictions of travel on bridges and parkways.

However while choosing a car carrier there are some useful tips that you can take and follow to make your job easier. Some of them are:

Car shipping license: Before you tie up with the car shipping service check if they have a federal license that allows them to chip the cars. If you have chosen a reputed company then you do not have much to worry about. However if you have chosen any other company then it is always better to check for the federal license.

The Extra costs: Always keep in mind the extra costs with the car carrier and get them clarified before hand. These costs can come in the form of hidden costs and may not be mentioned clearly on the contract. Always double check with the shipping company the total shipping cost before you sign any copy or make a final settlement. The hidden costs may be in the form of fuel surcharge, car insurance costs and any other extra charges.

Check the mode of delivery: it is better to check how they will be delivering the car to your house with the car carrier company and not all companies give you door to door service. Different companies will follow different rules and some may deliver door to door only in major cities and some may deposit your car at a terminal. However door to door is more expensive than the terminal to terminal service.

Check for shipping insurance costs: While shipping you car with any car carrier it is very important to have shipping insurance. Sometimes the shipping company may give you a quote by factoring in the insurance charges and otherwise it can also be separate. Also check for what you will be covered and what amount you will be compensated for in case of any damage. Read the insurance papers thoroughly so that you know your rights if need be and take your time before you finalize the shipping deal. Also it is important for you to know how the shipping company will be taking liability in terms of insurance due to the damages caused by them. It works both ways and you need to be clear on what they are providing.

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